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Kingdom Community Health Services is a nonprofit corporation that was formed to provide and promote community health education, information, resources and inclusion of all persons with socio and economic disparities in the state of Virginia in an equitable and fair manner.

Our VISION is to ensure that all persons receive health education, information and resources in a fair and timely manner enabling then to make the best decisions for a healthy future.

Our MISSION is to promote health equity through education, information and resources to the residents of the state of Virginia.

Our motto is “Wellness For All”.


Meet Our Director
Rev. Dr. Amy Christine Hodge

Our Director is Rev. Dr. Amy Christine Hodge.  She has 40 years of management experience in the public and private sector and has 15 years of public health experience.  She provided education and resources in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic by providing face masks and educational videos on how to make masks and why one should wear them. She provided education and resources to the public housing facilities as she partnered with Delegate Sam Rasoul to deliver masks and hand sanitizer.  She is a TRUSTED VOICE in the community and has served as a Community Health Engagement Coordinator Contractor for the Virginia Department of Health, Roanoke/Alleghany Health District.

Our Director is an ordained Itinerant Elder in the AME Church for 22 years and has served as the pastor of Mount Zion AME Church, Roanoke for over 15 years.  She is considered as a “Pastor for the People” and is actively involved in the life and welfare of the community. The Directors motto is “knowledge plus hope equals a bright future.”




-Educate and promote vaccinations in communities with disparities.

-Plan events to educate public and provide resources for those communities.

-Coordinate and conduct outreach efforts to align with health equity goals.

-Plan clinics and provide support for existing community clinics.

-Establish and build lasting relationships with community partners.

-Build trust through credible clear communication and address misinformation & disinformation.

-Empower health care partners to have effective vaccine conversations with parents and patients and strongly recommend Covid-19 vaccines and other vaccines.

-Identify communities of focus in areas where there is a low intake of vaccinations.

-Access and identify barriers and solutions to increase vaccine confidence and uptake.

-Provide transformation to vaccine sites through use of bus passes and existing transportation entities.

-To promote physical well being and mental well being  in areas with health disparities 

-Educate and promote Mental Health Resources in communities with health inequities and disparitie

Who We Are

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